Radio Management Panel

Navigation and Standby Navigation Button

Navigation ButtonWhen the STBY NAV button is selected it enables remotely tuning the respected navaid and desired course. Each RMP tunes it's respective navaid. Tuning and ILS on either RMP tunes both ILS receivers if both RMPs have their NAV button pressed.

REMOTE TUNING A RADIO - To remotely tune a radio frequency and course:

  1. Select NAV using the NAV button.
  2. Dial in the desired radio frequency using the frequency selector knob.
  3. Then push the transfer button to transfer the standby frequency to the active window and display the selected course in the STBY/CRS window.
  4. Select the desired course by rotating the frequency selector knob.
Frequency Display and Transfer ButtonRadio Reception ButtonsFrequency SelectorNav and Standby Nav ButtonsOn/Off Switch

When a navaid is remotely tuned, the letter "R" is displayed next the navaid identifier on the Navigation Display. When an ILS has been remotely tuned the PFDs do not display DME.


When a radio is remotely tuned, automatic radio tuning is deactivated and the RAD/NAV page on both MCDUs are deactivated.