Engine Warning and System Displays

EWD After Start

1. IDLE INDICATION - Displays green when engines are at idle thrust. Indication flashes for 10 seconds, then becomes steady.

2. MAXIMUM EPR - Displays the EPR limit value corresponding to the full forward thrust lever position.

3. THRUST LEVER INDICATION - Displays the predicted EPR corresponding to the thrust lever position.

4. MAXIMUM PERMISSIBLE EGT - Represented by red line. If 635°C is exceeded, a red mark appears at maximum value reached. It will only disappear at the next takeoff or by maintenance action.

5. ACTUAL EPR INDICATION - Displays green.

When EGT exceeds 610°C, the analog needle pulses amber. When EGT exceeds 635°C, the digital display turns steady red and the analog needle pulses red.