Flap Lever


Flap LeverFLAP LEVER - Commands flaps and slats for simultaneous operation to selected position. Lever must be pulled out of detent prior to positioning. Detents are provided at positions 1 and 3 to avoid excessive flap/slat travel by a single action.

When the FLAPS lever is in any position other than 0 in flight, idle RPM is increased (approach idle) and continuous ignition activated.

The five slat and two flap panels on each wing are electrically controlled and hydraulically actuated via inputs from the flap lever. Signals from the FLAPS lever position are transmitted to two slat flap control computers (SFCCs). The slats are powered by both the green and blue hydraulic systems.

The flaps are powered by both the green and yellow hydraulic systems. If one hydraulic system fails, the associated surfaces extend and retract at half speed. If one SFCC fails, all of the flaps and slats operate at half speed.