Speed Brake Lever

Ground Spoilers Takeoff

All ten spoiler panels serve as ground spoilers during rejected takeoffs and landings. Raising the speed brake lever arms the ground spoilers. The speed brake lever does not move when ground spoilers deploy. Ground spoilers can only be deployed automatically for a landing or rejected takeoff.

REJECTED TAKEOFF - Ground spoiler extension occurs automatically during a rejected takeoff when the wheel speed is greater than 72 knots and :

  • Both thrust levers are at forward idle if the ground spoilers are armed, or
  • Reverse thrust is selected on at least one engine with the other thrust lever at idle if the ground spoilers are not armed

Manually moving the speed brake lever aft commands speed brakes, not ground spoilers. If the lever is moved aft on the ground, all spoiler panels retract if the flaps are full (a normal inhibit). If the flaps are at 3, panels 1 and 5 retract and panels 2 through 4 remain partially extended.