Analog Chronometer

CHR BUTTON - The first push starts sweep second hand and minutes display in the ET/CHR counter. The second push stops second hand and freezes minutes display. The third push resets second hand to the 12 o’clock position and clears ET/CHR counter.

UTC COUNTER - Displays present time in a 24-hour format. Also used to view/update the day, month, and year as set using the DATE button and UTC selector.

ET SELECTOR - RUN - The elapsed time counter runs. HLD - Freezes counter time. RESET - Resets counter to zero.

DATE BUTTON - Puts the chronometer in the date mode. The day, month, and year replaces the UTC time display.

UTC SELECTOR - A dual function selector that sets the time and date as follows: HSD - Hours/Days MSM Minutes/Months, HLDY - Hold/Year, RUN - Begins normal operation.

ET/CHR COUNTER - Displays elapsed time and chronograph time. Chronograph time display has priority over elapsed time. If elapsed time is in operation and the chronograph time is selected, the ET/CHR display changes to zero and starts to count chronograph time on the ET/CHR display. Elapsed time continues to accumulate.