Landing Gear Panel

Landing Gear Indicator Lights

landing Gear LightsThe LDG GEAR indicator lights display proximity detector information received from LGCIU 1. They illuminate as long as LGCIU 1 is electrically powered.

LGCIU - The Landing Gear Control Interface Units (LGCIU) receive position information from the landing gear, landing flaps, and cargo door systems. and monitoring landing gear position (up or down), shock absorbers (compressed or extended), and gear doors (opened or closed). Each LGCIU controls one complete gear cycle, and switches over automatically at each retraction cycle or in case of a failure. In the event of a proximity sensor failure or loss of electrical power, the non-affected LGCIU automatically assumes control of the landing gear operation.

UNLK - The unlock light illuminates red if the gear is not locked in the selected position.

LOCKED DOWN - The Locked Down symbol illuminates green when the landing gear is down and locked.